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Denplan  Vs  Private Paying 

We offer the option for patients to spread the cost of dental treatment by paying monthly. We offer this through the very popular Denplan Scheme. 
Patients fall into category A,B,C,D, or E, depending on the condition of their oral health (how many fillings, conditions of gums, etc). Each category has a different level of payment. If you are an existing patient, you can have a free Denplan assessment carried out on request at your routine check-up. 

Price list ....
                                                       ​​  ​​​Private         Denplan Care 

New patient exam                    £82                   N/A 
Regular examination               £38                   Free

Hygienist appointment           £46                  Free

Small X-ray                                £12 (each)       Free
White composite fillings

One surface                              £82                   Free

Two surfaces                            £138                 Free

Three surfaces                         £178                 Free

Crowns                           from £460           Lab fee only

Bridge work                  from £460            Lab fee only 
                                           (per unit) 

Porcelain veneer         from £550            Lab fee only

Root canal therapy: 
Incisor/canine                         £270                 Free

Premolar                                 £310                  Free

Molar                                       £380                  Free

Botox and Fillers:

Free 30 minute consultation. 

1 Area: £195

2 Area's: £245

3 Area's: £295

C-Fast braces:

Free 30 minute consultation.

Upper arch from £1440

Dual arch from £2880

                                                                      ​Private       Denplan Care 

Simple extraction                                      £98                    Free

Complex extraction                                  £144                  Free

Full/Full set                                                £850          Lab fee only
Full upper or lower (each)                       £450          Lab fee only

Partial acrylic (each)                                 £450          Lab fee only

Partial cobalt chromium (each)              £720          Lab fee only
Flexible denture (each)                            £720          Lab fee only
Emergency treatment of non-regular

patients (diagnosis, one X-ray,antibiotics
if needed)                                         
                                                              from £79               N/A

Emergency call out                                 £150                   £20

                                                       + treatment cost

Teeth Whitening                                      £395               £265
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 Please note that this price list is intended as a guide only. Other treatment may be available. A written estimate of cost will be given once treatment is discussed with the patient. A patient wishing to join Denplan Care must be dentally fit. Complex treatment may be charged on time basis.